The "Dang, I’m sick of not feeling so great” moment. Greenfat was mine. I was working and worrying myself to death. Then, I remembered Dr. Bud Keith (“Dad” to me) and his 50+ year-old recipe for what he used to call, Vigoral. I mixed some up, took it, started feeling better and used my upgraded formula — it’s food concentrates from plants, BTW — to motivate other lifestyle changes that turned everything around. I got leaner and stronger, had increased energy, libido and prostate health and best of all — Doc says I’m not headed toward an early grave. That’s the seed I want to give you. 

– Bill Keith, Co-Founder

How to get Bill’s results.

This is Bill, the Co-Founder of Greenfat. If you watched the video above, you know his story — Bill created Greenfat to save himself from success. So he just took his Greenfat and everything changed, right?

Of course not. Bill cleaned up his diet and exercise act — a lot. 

“Greenfat has been THE BEST addition to my training. I get very little fats while prepping for classic bodybuilding shows and after blood work, I'm very happy with my cholesterol. On top of that it’s plant based so I’m not worried about ingesting toxic heavy metals from all the fish oil I used to use. I will use for life!”

-Elias Wilsey IFBB PRO

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